Myspace music downloader for Linux (with GUI)

For CLI version go here.
Finally, a nice GUI version of Linux Bash script to download MySpace music. It is tested on Ubuntu. Myspace music downloader depends on “rtmpdump”, an utility that is available in Ubuntu repositories, in a deb package or as source. It also requires zenity for GUI, which is alredy bundled with new Ubuntu versions. If there is “ffmpeg” program present on the system, music will be automatically converted to mp3, otherwise it will be saved as .flv.
Note that your computer may have to be restarted after you install rtmpdump!

Download: myspace-dl


17 thoughts on “Myspace music downloader for Linux (with GUI)

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  2. Yeah!!, works great, fantastic & simple in OpenSuSE 11.4, many thanks for this master code, very rare this time full of commercial soft.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice app! However auto conversion to mp3 stops working today. I think that is because myspace has removed the artist’s name from the track’s label. It is easy enough to do the conversion the downloaded .flv files manually or edit the script for the cli version, but it would be nice if there is an updated GUI version to fix this.

  4. Hello there,

    Doesn’t seem to work on Lubuntu 11.10… The application starts and appears to be working, but it downloads .flv’s with no file size. I have ffmpeg installed

    Any ideas?

  5. I’m getting zero-byte .flv files as well. It looks like MySpace is still trying to stay one step ahead of download methods.

    • I was hoping the fix which was submitted to github last week would work, but unfortunately it doesn’t. I’m currently without my computer, so it will take at least two days more before I can look into it. It would be very helpful if somebody could fix it and make a pull request on github in the meantime. I’m really sorry to leave you guys waiting like this… Thank you for your patience!

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