Fix Mobile Terminal in Iphone/Ipod touch iOS 4.x

Mobile Terminal emulator that comes with Cydia seems to be broken on iOS 4.x, but here is the solution. Follow these steps:


  • .deb package provided below.
  • A jailbroken device, of course.
  • Basic ssh knowledge.

Download deb package: MobileTerminal-426.deb
Alternatively use this version: (To install this one, just unzip it and drag “” folder to “/Applications” folder on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.)

1. Connect via SFTP (SSH) to your device. (If you don’t know how, Google it, duh.)
2. Download Download deb package: MobileTerminal-426.deb and move it to your Iphone/Ipod.
3. In the same folder, execute this command: dpkg -i MobileTerminal-426.deb
4. Execute reboot and your terminal should work.

Alternatively, you could use ‘wget’ to download the .deb package to your device directly.
Or, to avoid any commands, just move the .deb file to a directory called: “/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/”. If it does not exist, create it, then restart your device manually.

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